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A 2-D Puzzle-Platformer Developed in Unity C#

Welcome to Broken Parts

This platformer is designed for people who love to blitz through SuperMeatBoy levels or beat portal using as few portals as possible. Or both!

Using a variety of abilities that teleport you around the screen, you'll have to collect every acorn before heading to the exit.

Beat Levels

Earn Rewards

How quickly can you beat each level? And using how many moves?

You'll have to plan carefully and think quickly if you want to earn a medal.


If you plan a route well and execute it perfectly, you may even beat the developer's best time!

Cash in and Customize

Earn enough acorns from beating levels and you'll be able to buy hats, badges, and other accessories.


Change outfits whenever you want and wear as many as you like!

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