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Cult of Conquest

A 2-D Turn Based Strategy Developed in Unity C#

Cult of Conquest is a turn based strategy game where you control one of five powerful cults vying for power against the other factions. Each faction has unique drawbacks, abilities, units, rituals, and upgrades, giving each unique flavour and a variety of playstyles.

Which Faction

Will You Choose?








Summon Your Legion

Build an army, balancing between cheap, efficient units and more powerful units with diminishing returns

Fight for

your God

To summon your Old God you must conquer enemy factions and claim their effigies.

Many battles must be fought, and many lives lost, but your followers are no strangers to sacrifice.

Battle against AIs with varying personalities game to game, with weighted preferences for industry, armies, offence, defence, upgrades, and rituals.


And don't worry, the AI only knows as much as you do. It will have to scout opposing armies and estimate their strength, so hiding information and being unpredictable can give you an edge.

Enjoy a sneak peek of what the AI sees and how they act on their turns!


The AI partially acts as a state-based agent as it has a series of states it moves between including, scouting, attacking, protecting, spending, and others. Meanwhile, it acts as a utility agent when determining what to buy, by calculating the expected utility of each possible unit, building, or new army.

These decisions are based on a wide variety of factors, such as the strength of nearby enemies, how much has been invested in industry vs armies, how many armies you have and where they're positioned, etc.

Tile Menu

See your Tile's Army, Income, Temple, Altar, Ritual, and Effigy

You can only build one Temple and one Altar on each Tile, so choose wisely


Temples can reduce costs, prepare defenses, or even summon new armies


Whether fortifying defenses or growing your economy, Altars can make a big impact


Playing to your factions strengths will generate Zeal, a second resource which can be spent on active rituals or passive upgrades.


If you have an altar and some Zeal to spend, start preparing a ritual. It will take some time, but once it's ready it can swing the tides of battle.


If you'd rather invest your Zeal in something more long-term, try buying some upgrades. Embrace your faction's strengths and become a force to be reckoned with!

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