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Last Day of Summer

A 2-D Rogue-Like Developed in Unity C#

Last Day of Summer is a Rogue-Like set in the backyards of suburbia. The Carnival is only in town for one more day and to get there you'll have to brave the town's many dangers including guard-dogs, parents, and bullies!

You're Not Alone

Grab snacks, a slingshot, and as many friends as you can find as your Bravery, Charm, and Mischief are put to the test!

The friends you meet along the way have their names, stats, and appearance randomly generated, so every adventure is unique!

Explore the Neighbourhood

You'll travel through a new, randomly generated map every game! Keep in mind, different tiles have a different encounters, so choose your path carefully!

Sneak into a house and you might find more friends or a pantry to raid, but you might also run into a parent, who could send someone home. Be careful!


Get Ready For Adventure

Setup your party before setting out for each encounter. Play to your friend's strengths, but if you can predict what the next encounter is, you can put more eggs in one basket, and claim better rewards!

Sneak A Peek At What's Ahead

Don't just wander aimlessly, send a friend or two ahead to see what's what!

The more friends you send to scout, the more options you'll have.

Time to Test Your Mettle

You've chosen a path, now here's the encounter! What option will you choose?


The bigger the risk the bigger the reward​; are you up for the challenge?

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