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Earth Bender

A 3-D Time Trial Game Developed in Unreal Engine C++

Control the Elements

Pull boulders out of the earth and launch them where you like.

Hit some cabbages and watch 'em splatter!

My Cabbages!

Someone has left a bunch of cabbages lying all over the place. It's your job to get rid of them!

I doubt anyone's too attached to them...


Mould the Earth

You can also summon great pillars out of the earth!

Pull them out of the ground, the cliffside, or even other pillars! Use them well to achieve your goals.

The World is Your Canvas

You'll have to use your earthbending ability creatively to get those cabbages in hard to reach places.


Move Mountains...

and Yourself!

Jump just as you summon a pillar below you and watch yourself soar!

Add air to the list of elements under your control. 

Put Yourself to the Test

How quickly can you destroy all the cabbages? More importantly, how stylish can you get?

Share and show off your best times!

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